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  • Educate youth with correct, concise and adequate information and heighten their level of awareness about  HIV/AIDS/STI/sexuality  and other related issues (thus eliminate myths and misconceptions).
  • Enable youth, especially the female students, to identify and understand situations of exploitation and abuse.
  • Sensitize the youth regarding care and support needs of PLWHA and instill in them the spirit of helping and  supporting the people living with HIV & AIDS (PLWHA) and reduce the stigma and discrimination against them.
  • Increase youths’ access to health care services related to STI / HIV/AIDS/drug use
  • Create linkages between youth and governmental, non-governmental agencies and community based  organizations  to access  safer and responsible healthy behavior.
  • Organize and facilitate voluntary blood donation camps and mobilize the youth for voluntary blood donation.
  • Create among the youth a cadre of peer educators for seeking and encouraging positive health behavior as well as ensuring  sustainability of the club.