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About NCC:

The National cadet corps(NCC) is a youth organisation in many countries,including india,with the aim of dveloping,character ,disciplaine leadership,and a spirit of adventure among the youth. In india the NCC is the largest uniformed youth organisation and operates under the ministry of defence.it provides basic milatary training and promotes social awareness and community service.NCC activities include camps,parades,and various community development projects fostering a sense of patriotism and civic resposibility among cadets.

Brief History:

The National Cadet Corps(NCC) in india has its roots in the university corps,which was created in 1920.the aim was to develop a pool of educated and disciplaned youth who could serve as a reserve to the armed forces.over the years the organisation evolved and in 1948 the NCC Act was enacted, formally establishing the NCC as a tri-services organisation

Group name:    Head quarters,Kurnool.

Unit name:       6 Andhra Girls Bn,Anantapur.

Coy no:              38 A/B

Authorised strength: 52

Enrolled strength : 52

Present CTO: C.Sumangali